Specialty Tillandsia Air Plants

Tillandsia plants (also known as air plants) can be grown without soil. They are among the easiest of succulents to grow because of their independence. In nature, Tillandsia air plants are most commonly found growing on other plants like trees for survival.

At nVi Garden, we grow our very own specialty Tillandsia air plants. Our year-round greenhouse allows us to grow premium air plant succulents for our customers, no matter the season.

Since our specialty Tillandsia air plants for sale are a bit unique, they require more attention than traditional succulents do. To care for your Tillandsia air plant, soak the plant in room temperature water every two weeks.

Browse our website to shop our specialty Tillandsia air plants. To inquire about our local delivery service or curbside pick-up, please call (647) 588-0604 or send an email to nvigarden@gmail.com.
Medium xerographica size 3”
Small tillandsia
Also known as Tillandsia Juncifolia  medium      
Large Tillandsia 
Tillandsia bulbosa medium