1.5 inches plug, pot not included
Machucae Baby Finger is a rare pachyphytum that grows in tight cluster. Only available in 3.5" pot and propagated in Ontario.  
Rubrotinctum 'Jelly Bean' succulent, available in 2.25" pot and 3.5" pot
Greenovia Dodrantalis also known as Mountain Roses due to its rose-like shape. Succulent grown in 3.5" pot and locally propagated in Toronto Ontario.
Peach pride echeveria succulent
Melaco is a chocolate color echeveria succulent. Available in 2.5" pot and grown in Toronto.
1.5" succulent plugs to grower's choice. $24 for 6 plants. $112 for 30 plants. $240 for 72 plants. 
Elegans Hyalina succulent is in the echeveria family, grown in a 2.5" pot. Compare to original elegans, hyaline is smaller and pinker in color. Locally propagated in Toronto, Ontario. Rare....
Also known as strings of beads and Senecio rowleyanus. Grown in 3.5” plastic pot.