Rare, one of a kind, succulents includes echeveria, pachyphytum, gratopetalum, cotyledon, haworthia, and cross breeds such as pachyveria.
Perle von Nurnberg is a classic purple rosette succulent. We grow them in 2.25" and 3.5" plastic pot. All succulents are propagated in Ontario.
1.5" succulent plugs to grower's choice. $27 for 6 plants. $120 for 30 plants. $279 for 72 plants. 
Sedeveria Letizia is a small rosette echeveria and sedum hybrid. Letizia is glossy lime green in color with vivid red tips. This variety is a fast grower, can grow tall...
Echeveria lilacina, common name ghost echeveria or Mexican hens and chicks, is a species of succulent plants in the genus Echeveria belonging to the family Crassulaceae. Grown in 2.25" and...
Grown in 2.25” pot and propagated in Toronto, Ontario
Assorted 2.25" succulents to grower's choice. $39 for 6 plants. $285 for 50 plants.
Also known as Pink Bluebird, this Echeveria succulent has light powdery coat on all new petals.
Pachyveria are succulent plants that are hybrid crosses between Pachyphytum and Echeveria. Grown in 2.25" nursery pots and propagated in Ontario greenhouse.
Peacockii succulent is a thin petals blue tone echeveria with thick farina, the white powder. Grown in 3.5" and 2.25” nursery pot and propagated in Toronto, ON.