Novelty Succulents

Rare, one of a kind, succulents. Will include consignment succulents from private sellers.
*last picture is not for sale, grower’s succulent for reference.*  Dark ice is a rare hybrid succulent. Grown in 2.50” nursery pot and propagated in Ontario greenhouse.
Graptoveria White Americano is a hybrid cross between Graptopetalum Amethystinum and Echeveria Subcorymbosa026. It is a creamy thick succulents with light farinas. Grown in 2.50” nursery pots.
Rare, one of a kind variegated string of pearls. propagated in 3.50” and 5” hanging nursery pots
Echeveria Ariel
Echeveria frosty growing in cristata or crested form. This happens when the original plant sustains some damage to the normal, single growing point and causes it to make multiple growing...
Echeveria Amethyst is a new hybrid with dark matte purple leaves. 
This is one of the hottest succulents on the variegated market. It's become more readily available and has earned the common name 'Compton Carousel.' Imported Korean succulent cuttings and rooted...
*at least 4 buds*Aeonium Lily Pad is a green thick rosettes that grows up to 6” in diameter. It’s leaves are tick glossy bright green with short hair. It grows...
Echeveria hybrid Golden Armor grown in 2.50” nursery pot. This Echeveria is glossy with waxy coat and can be stressed to a golden color.