Specialty Foliage Houseplants

Although our forte is succulents here at nVi Garden, we also grow a large selection of specialty foliage houseplants.

These specialty foliage houseplants are the perfect addition to your space. Foliage plants provide many health benefits for humans. It’s been speculated that foliage plants can promote feelings of relaxation, clarity, and overall well-being. No matter where you place these unique and rare houseplants, you’re sure to breathe better, regain focus, and de-stress.

Shop all our handpicked houseplants with beautiful foliage on our website to order. We work with a local courier company to offer local deliveries throughout Ontario. We also offer curbside pick-up for any of our specialty foliage plants. To inquire, call (647) 588-0604 or send an email to nvigarden@gmail.com.
Begonia Maculata or polka dot begonia derives it’s name from its unique silver spotted leaves and red undersides. This houseplant adds an interesting look in any modern home. It require...
Philodendron birkins is a rare elegant houseplant with dark green leaves. The new leaves are striped with light yellow lines. Grown in Ontario Greenhouse and sold in 4” nursery pots.
Monsters Deliciosa, also known as Swiss cheese plant, is famous for its natural leaf holes. Plant in 8” nursery pots and propagated in Toronto, Ontario.
Hoya Australis Varigated in 3.50” nursery pots
Alocasia Halo or Hilo Beauty in 6” nursery pot.  
Ponytail Palm or beaucarnea recurvata is asparagaceae native to eastern Mexico. Grown in 6” nursery pot
Peperomia Pilea is a popular low-light plant. Grown in 3.5” nursery pot.
Caladium Red Flash is a genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family. This caladium has vivid red center with pink spots and wide green margins. Grown in 6” nursery pot,...
Marsh Pennywort in 3.50” nursery pot